Frequently Asked Questions

The SAFE Foundation has ten volunteer board members on its Board of Trustees and shares the Executive Director of the STMA:

Jay Warnick, CSFM, Chair
Director of Sports Maintenance
The Sports Force/FIELDS Inc.
Term: Joined Board 2009

Jon Butler
Pop Warner Little Scholars
Executive Director
Term: Joined Board 2013

David B. Houseknecht
Little League International
Sr. VP of Administration/CFO
Term: Joined Board 2013

Sarah Martin, CSFM
Turf Manager/Foreman I
City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation
Special Operations Division
Term: Joined Board 2016-Appointed

Nick McKenna, CSFM
Asst. Athletic Field Maintenance Mgr.
Texas A&M Athletics
Term: Joined Board 2016-Appointed

Chad Price, CSFM, CFB
Carolina Green Corp.
Term: Joined Board 2012

Doug Schattinger
Pioneer Manufacturing
Term: Joined Board 2012

Paula R. Sliefert
Sr. Marketing Manager
The Toro Company
Term: Joined Board 2013

Steve Wightman
Term: Joined Board 2012

Kim Heck, Executive Director
The SAFE Foundation

Yes, it does, and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of STMA members! As many members are aware, SAFE conducts a variety of fundraising activities during the STMA Conference. It raised more than $35,000 this year in Daytona Beach from the golf tournament, silent and live auctions, raffles and the second annual successful casino night; this is $8,000 more raised than the previous year. To properly fund all of its philanthropic efforts, however, SAFE relies on the continued generosity of all. Please consider a small donation today!

During the Grass Roots five-year campaign, SAFE will be very active in outreach and will:

  • Award scholarships;
  • Fund educational programs, including new educational videos;
  • Create partnerships with community and industry organizations to collaboratively develop its Sports and Recreation Fields - Safety First agenda;.
  • Do an assessment to profile communities at-risk for poorly maintained sports fields;
  • Engage the STMA chapters and committees to help develop Best Management Practices for these at-risk fields


When our funding goal is reached, SAFE will be able to implement specific programs that:

  • Enhance the safety and performance of athletes
  • Enrich community health and interaction; and
  • Contribute to the sustainability of green spaces.


SAFE needs your help. Please donate to the Grass Roots Campaign. Your donation will help provide safe playing fields for everyone.

  • Donations from generous people such as yourself! Please consider donating to SAFE today
  • Gift from STMA
  • Auctions & Raffles (at STMA Annual Conference)
  • Golf Tournament (at STMA Annual Conference)
  • Casino Night (at STMA Annual Conference)
  • Grass Roots Initiative

Caring for sports fields is typically the full-time job of a professional sports turf manager. However, oftentimes the job may fall to inexperienced volunteer groups or parents.  Community fields may be neglected and unsafe for play because public athletic fields are often the lowest priority for maintenance.

The SAFE Foundation seeks to change this. Through its mission (To enrich communities through championing safe, sustainable sports and recreation fields for all athletes) SAFE brings much needed attention to communities by rebuilding sports fields and educating those who care for them. The volunteers who renovate these fields are members of one of 33 local chapters of STMA, the association that founded SAFE.