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SAFE recently completed four videos targeted to parents, coaches, volunteers, and other non-turf personnel about field safety.  These videos are available for download at no charge.  SAFE will be extending this training to four, hands-on sessions in partnership with Little League to further educ

Jay Warnick was introduced to STMA members at the association's annual conference in San Diego, California.  He currently serves as Director of Sports Maintenance for The Sports Force/FIELDS Inc.

During the Grass Roots five-year campaign, SAFE will be very active in outreach and will award scholarships, fund educational programs, create partnerships with various stakeholders, perform assessments and engage STMA chapters and committees.

Fundraising is key for SAFE to successfully accomplish its mission of making sports fields safer for play. At the 2013 Conference in Daytona Beach, you helped raise over $35,000 towards this goal.

The SAFE Foundation has been funding scholarships since its inception in 2000. In 2009, it added its first Educational Grant and a second educational grant was added in 2011.

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