“The application process is very easy. I recommend for anybody and everybody interested to fill out the application. The ability to attend the conference is my favorite part. To hear the amazing speakers was incredible. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity to pay for or attend for the conference without the scholarship. I definitely recommend it. It was an incredible experience for me and furthered my knowledge within the field.” – Nick Gow, 2004-2005 Recipient 

“It’s a pretty easy process. If you’re writing your essay and this is something you want to do, this should be an easy write.” – Dan Blank, 2004-2005 Recipient 

“Apply for every opportunity that is out there. Take advantage! Most of them lead to somewhere or another opportunity.” – Shawn Mahonksi , 2004-2005 Recipient 

“It’s a pretty straight forward process. Any work you have to do and put in to get the scholarship, you get rewarded at the conference. The work is worth it.” – Nathan Salmore, 2004-2005 Recipient

“It’s not as important receiving the money as it is to receive the scholarship, go to the conference, meet people, and network.” – Kyle Slaton, 2004-2005 Recipient

“The scholarship helped me get through school, school helped with internships, and internships helped with jobs. It was the first step in the building block process.” – Dan Blank, 2004-2005 Recipient

“I’ve recommended applying to scholarships to students and people I know in the industry all the time. It’s not just based on your academic performance or grades. More is taken in account than just your GPA. People think that is what it’s all about so they don’t apply.” – Matt Anderson, 2004-2005 Recipient

“Just do it! I always tell my interns to apply, don’t want them to miss out on an opportunity when it only takes a couple hours to apply.” – Kyle Slaton, 2004-2005 Recipient

“Apply early and every year!” – Nick Gow, 2004-2005 Recipient

“Attending the conference was the biggest benefit about the scholarship. Getting to see the conference as a student is a big deal.” – Shawn Mahonski, 2004-2005 Recipient

“I recommend the conference to meet people and network – very important to younger students in getting interested and to see what it’s all about. It’s definitely very important to see and meet people who do it every day and continue to do it.” – Nathan Salmore, 2004-2005 Recipient


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