What is the "Grass Roots Initiative"? Why is it important to SAFE and its mission?

During the Grass Roots five-year campaign, SAFE will be very active in outreach and will:

  • Award scholarships;
  • Fund educational programs, including new educational videos;
  • Create partnerships with community and industry organizations to collaboratively develop its Sports and Recreation Fields - Safety First agenda;.
  • Do an assessment to profile communities at-risk for poorly maintained sports fields;
  • Engage the STMA chapters and committees to help develop Best Management Practices for these at-risk fields


When our funding goal is reached, SAFE will be able to implement specific programs that:

  • Enhance the safety and performance of athletes
  • Enrich community health and interaction; and
  • Contribute to the sustainability of green spaces.


SAFE needs your help. Please donate to the Grass Roots Campaign. Your donation will help provide safe playing fields for everyone.